fall has always been my favorite season.
and this might just be my favorite fall yet.

it's my birthday week! saturday is my birthday. i plan on taking this week slow.
i've been thinking a lot lately and i'm realizing more and more how i want to live simple.
i'm discovering more and more who i am and really, who i want to be... 
as a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, and Christ-follower.

so live more simple we will.


  1. I've been feeling the need for simplicity after I pray a lot. It's happy that God wants us to be more than happy- but have joy.

  2. Golden birthday this Saturday ??? Meaning you will be 29 ??!!! I would NEVER have thought you were 28. Are you sure you didn't mean to post this before last Saturday ??!!! Hah :) Anyway, lovely pictures and I wish you a wonnnnderful Birthday :)

  3. @molly haha...i think i must be more sleep deprived than i thought! no, i will not be 29. i will be 25. :)

  4. Love your wreath those colors against your blue door are gorgeous!
    Happy Birthday! Hope this one tops all the rest and Ellie and your Mr spoil you like you deserve! :)

  5. paige: you're an inspiration, lady!
    autumn: so true!
    annie: thank you sweet girl!

  6. I agree... and Saturday is my birthday too!! I really love finding other people I share a birthday with!

  7. @allison: birthday twins! so fun!