oh, Christmas tree...


we might have put up our tree before thanksgiving..... might have.  but, we didn't really decorate until after, so it's ok..right?  ellie was all chill just watching us put up the tree.  we started a new tradition of her helping her daddy put the star on top. so sweet.  i'm enjoying this year SO, SO much.  and i'm trying not think about next year.... i have a feeling i'll have my hands full trying to keep little hands away from the tree.  but, it will be SO MUCH FUN.  

baby girl... don't grow up too fast. ok?  she is such a little stinker.  yesterday she rolled over from her back to tummy two times.... and i wasn't watching either time.  the rest of the day i watched her like a hawk when i put her down, but nope... she didn't do it again.  i cannot believe how much she has changed.  i know i'll continue to say/write that sentence over and over as time goes on.  seriously though. it surprises me sometimes when she giggles or finds a new way to use her voice (oh yes, she loves her voice so much).  she no longer likes to just lay back and relax in her baby bathtub and now leans forward like she really wants to sit up and splashes like crazy.  you give her anything and it goes straight to her mouth.  and i know she was eyeing my mashed potatoes at thanksgiving. 

i'm excited for her first Christmas... even though she won't remember it... it's a special one.

tomorrow i'm starting a fun Christmas series featuring some pretty great bloggers... have you started Christmas shopping yet?



  1. Bahh I have not started my online shopping-- which SHOULD get done first. Rar! Excited for tomorrow :)

  2. Your family is absolutely precious. How exciting to have your first Christmas as a family of 3!