visits from family (uncle coy) and happy hour.
 she absolutely adores her toesies and has the best cackle. ever.
mini-cupcakes to go and a sleepy, warm baby E.

 getting cozy around here and i love him.
i love her, too and my husband got an early Christmas present.


  1. Holy stinking moly that's a huge tv!!! I love it!! We just inherited a ginormous one from our inlaws. hey, it was free, right?!?! Show more pics of your holiday home.. I wanna see, I wanna see!!!

    Love you lady!!

    From one 'Kay' to another.. I hope you have an awesome week ;)


  2. melinda: that isn't a tv...he got a projector...and a projector screen. silly! we might be at journey. :)

  3. That 4th picture is just too cute! Your daughter is a little cutie! I remember when my daughter first found her toes, seriously I miss when my little girl was that small sometimes. Also your husband sure must be a happy man with that projector right about now haha! My fiancé would probably forget about me for a few days lol.

    Petit Monstree