oh HI friday!

fall leaves
(photo from last fall)

a fun way to wake up on your birthday! and Harper made the prettiest Snow White.
i spruced up Anna's blog a little... you should check it out!
after reading this article we switched to burt's bees.  and E smells sooo good!
we had this easy crock-pot meal (found via pinterest) for dinner last night. i added a ranch packet and sans cream cheese & rice.
and, speaking of food, i'm making this pizza crust sooon.
michael's dad is giving us his record player and i neeeed this album.
happy november from lisa rupp.  i always love (and use) her free desktop calendars.

sometimes i look back at what i was doing around this time last year or the year before...
2010: red velvet & pictures with anna.
2009: i had DARK hair and bangs and pictures with anna.
(pictures soon, anna? ;))

i hope the leaves look as pretty where you are as they do here!  enjoy your weekend!


  1. Oh my that first one is too cute!! Harper is a little cutie and that video! lol

    Petit Monstree

  2. Is this your birthday? It's my anniversary!
    Happy Birthday!

  3. @jazmyn SO great! I want that for my next birthday! ;)

    @Rachel my birthday was last Saturday. Happy anniversary!

  4. yes, pictures soon! i loved your dark hair! so prettyyyy.

  5. So glad you shared the article about J&J. I had no idea about that ingredient. We have switched as well, thanks to you!