thanksgiving 2011

 i think i love thanksgiving more and more each year.  we did everything you're supposed to do...watched the parade, watched football, ate lots of food for lunch at his parents, napped, road-tripped to my parents, ate lots of food for dinner, played cards and put up Christmas trees.  ellie was loved on lots by grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles, and cousins.  (sidenotes: michael was more interested in football than taking pictures with me. the blue sky was our trip down and the rainy, sleep weather was on the way back.)

it's nice to get away for a short time, but being home is wonderful.  we started a cozy fire last night & had the Christmas tree lights on and i fell for this season all over again.  i've got some crafting to do today!  this is big....i don't usually "craft" so here goes nothin'!  if i don't share then you know it didn't work out so well. ;)

i'm excited to start a little Christmas feature this week from some pretty wonderful bloggers.  i think you all will enjoy!  CHRISTMAS TIME IS HERE GUYS. time to get festive.


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