4 months.

Elle has been with us for four months.  And it's been a great four months.  We had our first little dust of snow a couple of days ago and we sat by the window and looked at it for a long time.  It was funny because I tried to move her away from it and she was not a happy little baby.  She's very determined.... it's been said that she takes after me with this whole getting her way thing.  Ellie has her 4 month check up on Monday... I feel like she's right on track with what I've read as far as development goes.  She grabs at things (my hair being a very favorite), rolls over tummy to back and back to tummy, and likes to talk, smile and giggle.  She's ticklish so it's super cute to hear her little deep grunt/giggle when you tickle her.  I didn't force a schedule on her... she pretty much leads the way and has developed a nice routine during the day.  She still loves to sleep and sleeps best in her swing.  She does nap in her crib, but it's usually a short nap and takes longer for her to fall asleep.  We do what works for us and what we think is best for Elle. We love being parents.  We often say "I love her" to each other.  Michael gets off work in less than an hour and has all day tomorrow off and his girls are WAY excited to spend some extra time with him.
she's all "mom!  look at that pretty stuff!"
 this is her... i knew you'd let me have my way face.
She wants to move so badly.


  1. Oh. My. Goodness. I love looking at the snow, I hope my one day bebe will be this cute if she shares my passion!

  2. She is SO cute and sweet. I love that blanket too - did you make that??

  3. She is so adorable Lesley!!
    I love the first photo of her checking out the snow. So funny and cute!
    Also, I just realized that I wasn't following your blog officially until now! Sorry about that. I think I was following you on my old blog, and forgot to add you again! Hope you're having a great weekend!!

  4. thanks ladies!

    @rebecca: no, my grandma did :)
    @lindsay: no worries girl!