we're better together.

i've said it before and i'm positive i'll say it again...
but life with this sweet little being is better than i could have ever possibly thought.  

elle's four month measurements: 15.1 lbs (75-90%) and is 24 1/4 inches. (50%) 

photos by lance sitton 


  1. She is absolutely beautiful! as are you!

  2. I always forget the height difference between you and Michael and then you post a picture! haha, but it is pretty much the same with my parents (dad is 6'3 mom is 5'3) ;)
    you have such a cute one! Can't wait to see what she looks like when she's older- and to see who she looks more like!

  3. Beautiful Family!! She's growing so fast! How exciting it must be to see your own child growing right before your eyes. God is good!

  4. Your little one is so adorable!!! She has such beautiful blue eyes!!


    Marja <3

  5. what beautiful photos!! and as for the 21 questions, I'm holding out until AFTER the holidays...enjoy!

  6. The cuteness. It's astounding.