michael surprised me by driving by this house on saturday night.  it had it's own radio station and everything.  the lights went with the music.  it was pretty great!! we drove around and looked at lots of pretty lights.  and dreamed of what kind of neighborhood we want to live in.  it's crazy how much we change.  i had in my head that i wanted to live in a certain cute neighborhood when we were house hunting... but then i fell for the house we're living in (not in my ideal area).  it's a nice house, but we're both dreaming of living in a place a little more cozy and maybe with woods at least in the back of the house.  oh, and michael thinks we need a basement.  we are making the most of this season we're in and feel so, so blessed for this house.

annnnyways, can you believe Christmas is less than a week away?  i cannot.  it just doesn't feel like it.  i'm so excited to spend time with family, though!  i'm going to admit... i'm pretty sure things will be quiet around here on the blog the next couple of weeks.  BUT, i do have some Christmas wish-lists left and have them set for this week.



  1. Bagwell Christmas!

    Evan and I go there every year and it's always packed! Hope you had fun. I am sure you are so excited for Elle's first Christmas. :)

  2. We had to wait, but for a Saturday night I was surprised it wasn't more packed! We'll definitely take E back when she's old enough to enjoy it if they still do it. :)