welcome 2012! i like you already.

hi pretty friends and family!  obviously blogging every day was NOT one of my resolutions this year...

some goals for 2012:  live more simply, de-clutter, use my new kitchen aid mixer weekly, more handmade gift giving, learn to crochet (i already did this one!  now i just need to learn more stitches and keep with it.), learn to sew better (this has been a goal the past 3 years), more play-dates, invite people over, play more games/watch less t.v. and of course, eat healthier.  and for fun:  paint something pretty!  ok, i better stop before i take on tooo much.

did you make resolutions?  do you think you'll keep them?


  1. I love crocheting! There are so many different stitches but it's extremely relaxing lol. I also need to de-clutter! Your daughter is such a cutie by the way! :)

    Love, Jazmyn

  2. You have a kitchen aid mixer, lucky duck!! Gorgeous pictures, you are a beautiful family and I love your bangs!

  3. My hubby bought me a sewing machine for Christmas, So I too would like to learn to sew better!! I already have a list of projects to take on, so exciting :D

  4. I am super jealous that you have a Kitchen Aid!!! Your family is adorable.