Oh, HI February!

since elle was born i've felt the months were flying by.  i tried to really take in the past month and it still did go by quickly, but i feel like it was a good month for us.  so, i'm welcoming february gladly.

(with baby mill & baby ellie!)

four years ago on this day my nephew, hagen kyle was born.  he's a pretty wonderful little boy.  he LOVES to hunt and fish.  and he thinks ellie likes him a lot because she holds his hand.  we love you, hag!

i don't know how the weather is where you are, but it's been pretty fantastic around here.  it makes me so stinking excited for spring.  i've already started on what would be spring projects...i'm hoping to have most of the indoors projects done before spring even gets here so we can enjoy outdoors and getting our yard ready.  i have a pretty long list of things to do.  which means i'll have lots of before/afters to share. :)

oh, and i'm hosting a giveaway so be ready to enter some handmade cuteness this friday!

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