happy "25" husband!


michael turned 25 yesterday.  look at that little baby picture. cutie. and yes, that is ice cream cake from DQ. ...his request.  we spent the day going to church, eating lunch with his family and then relaxing.  he wanted the new mission impossible movie so i got that for him and we watched it last night.  i'm kind of embarrassed to admit that i actually like those action movies.

this week is for making plans (i'll share soon!), spending much needed time with friends and..... jogging!  michael has been doing p90x and i started it with him, but stopped early on for personal reasons. ;)  it's time to get this post-pregnant body into shape for pool and lake days.

hope your monday is wonderful!


  1. Yay! Happy Birthday, Michael! : )

  2. oh gosh that cake looks amazing. good call on the DQ ;)

    1. haha, thanks... it was his request! :)