i enjoy blogging.  i like keeping memories in one place.  i've made some really great friends.  but, this year blogging has felt forced.  we have a baby.  i should have sooo much to blog about, right?  i stay home.  i should have so much time to blog, right?  nope.  let's be real. i've been in a weird "funk" lately.  try making plans with probably won't happen. i've let myself fall into this daily life of just elle and me (and michael when he's not working).  i love these moments with my baby girl.  i wouldn't trade my time with her for anything.  i am content.  i am happy.  i'm ok with doing nothing but playing with ellie and keeping up with the house.  i feel more like "me" than ever before.  we're eating healthy.  we're enjoying time outside.  we're living our life as a family...together.

but.... i realize i need friends.  i need alone time.  i need alone time with my husband.  i need community.  she needs time away from me.  she needs to be around babies more than just sunday morning.  i probably should make a point to look nice for my husband and not be in sweats when he comes home.  i probably should text my friends back that have been wondering where i went.

we've made some fun plans for this spring and summer...nothing fancy.  michael and i have talked a lot about life lately and what we want and dream of. it's been good.  we've simplified.  we're continuing to do so.  i deactivated facebook. (SO WONDERFUL.)  we just cancelled cable.  we had a garage sale.  we donated 3 bags full of shoes and clothes.  it feels good!

so, blogging.  i've thought about what i want this to be.  it's definitely my place to share.  i just don't want to over share.  part of me really wants this to be a place to share pictures and little ellie stories and leave it at that.  and for the most part that is what it will be.  but, every now and then i might need to let some things out.  so bare with me when i decide to over share?  i've not had the same mind set as i used to.  i feel like i've been more in the moments happening rather than thinking.. "this would be good on the ol' blog" or trying to make things happen just to blog about.  oh, i've done it.  i wanted to start fresh.  i wanted to start a whole different blog, but our history is here.  so, a fresh look and fresh name.  lemon cakes really has no meaning.  i mean, i like pretty much all things lemon. and i like cake.

thanks for reading.



  1. So glad you're back! Love you!

  2. I like the new name.. Sometimes the best ones never make sense :)

  3. Glad your back, and I love the new name!

  4. That's what being a mommy is all about. I stay at home w Lilah and she's my world and cleaning the apt over and over again. Just wait til she gets more mobile...I'm busier now than I ever was working. I really enjoyed reading this blog and sounds like to me you are a wonderful mommy and wife. Take care

    1. Thanks Brooke. It's been so long! Your little girl seems precious!