high on thrifting thursday.  i decided to join in on mandy's HOTT fun.  i don't go too often...mostly because we try to keep things simple around here.  but, i enjoy it and we live about 5 minutes from two pretty great stores here in springfield.  i've never been big on thrifting clothes (this will change soon).  i'm not sure why since the majority of the things in our home are either thrift/garage sale finds or were given to us. anyways....... i looked through some photos to find a few favorites.  here's some peeks at our home and some finds from the past:

alien deer
our house

"alien" (as michael calls it) deer and gold mirror. green pillow, lamp, side table (husband refinished the pair), yellow mirror in dining room, the hutch and table were michael's grandma's. our pillows (baby made by me). frame in E's room...i painted it and added the chalkboard (art by my niece, kadi).  sweet paint by number because i was raised a country girl with horses.


  1. Ohh I am so going to have to join in on this! I love thrifting so much! Just like you half of my home is thrifted stuff! I love it because theres always something new!

  2. I LOVE THIS LOOK! You nailed it with the pink. It is awesome. Don't change it. For a little while, until the redesign urge hits again. But I really do love this.