one year ago elle was born and three years ago we got married.  time flies, let me tell you!  august 8th is a special day for us and will always be.  we've kind of declared it a family day of celebrating!  this year didn't really go quite as planned, but we made the most of it.  i'm pretty sure more things went wrong than right.  in my eyes, the right outweighs the wrong.  it will be a memorable day... that's for sure!

yesterday morning michael woke up with his eye itching, burning and bright red.  he got into the doctor and sure enough--pink eye.  so he's on medicine for that around one hundred bucks later.  we even have good insurance for him!  he stayed home from work, which was so nice, but his income is based a lot off of commission and he wasn't very much fun since he didn't feel good.  he's had limited contact with elle and i realized just how much he helps out when he's home.  so much.  we woke ellie up early so i could drive michael to work today and since he missed yesterday we decided he shouldn't take his lunch  break today. we were supposed to meet up with him to celebrate.  he had a really good day with sales and signed up enough jobs that it made up for missing yesterday!

elle and i stayed home and didn't do much of anything besides play.  like all day.  she only took one little nap and i told her happy birthday about a million and one times.  i also got emotional and teary eyed a few times.  she's learning so much.  she smiles and there's 7 (and a half) teeth.  where did that gummy grin go?  she climbs. she says vrrrr vrrrr when she rides on her new car.  she points at millie and says "daw daw." she's still not full on walking, but last week she started taking steps.  part of me is really ok with her not walking yet.  and the girl has moves.  she loves music and you'll know if she likes a song.  she bounces up and down and throws her hands in the air.  so cute. she also likes to get all her stuffed animals out in her room and go around giving them all hugs.  i worked on birthday party decorations during her little nap.  soooo... that was what our day was like.

five o'clock rolled around and we went to pick up michael from work.  it rained pretty hard before we left and on our way.  i was driving since he had his glasses on and they are way out of date so he's basically still blind with them on.  there was a wreck , so i got over just like everyone else was.  i was driving along in the traffic and i looked back and the car behind us was not slowing down.  it rammed right into us.  i freaked! i've never been in a wreck (that i can remember) and it hit us with a pretty good force.  elle screamed.  it happened right next to the other wreck so i pulled off by the cop car and THE CAR SPED OFF!  the police didn't see what happened since they were busy with the other cars, but michael jumped out and told them what happened and they made a call out to be on the look out for the car.  the other wreck was more serious than ours so they obviously couldn't (shouldn't) leave the scene.  i was shaky and just mad that someone would actually be that dishonest and especially when there were police right there.  we sat around for a while and decided to just do a walk-in report.  it did way less damage to my car than i thought it would have. and we are all ok.

then we ate at one of our favorite pizza places and, right before they put our pizza in the oven, they lost power.  so, an hour later (with an patient/impatient little girl who was entertaining the people around us.. which thank goodness the family by us loved her right back) we got our pizza that we devoured and left five minutes later.

so much went wrong, right?  goodness.  the rights though.... the time spent with my family, the rain that we needed so badly, our little crash being just a little one, garbo's giving us our drinks and one pizza for free for waiting patiently, the jobs michael signed up, the fact we are healthy (besides the stink eye), those teethy smiles.......... so good.

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  1. Congratulations & Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday and Anniversary! Ours was yesterday too. I have been in a very minor hit and run recently as well. I seriously do not know what is wrong with people! like, why would you even try to leave the scene of the accident! It's a felony so I hope they find who hit you guys. I'm glad you're all ok and you're positive outlook is refreshing.

  3. Did they find the person that ran into you? I've already told you Happy anniversary and told Ellie Happy Birthday, but I'll tell you again! Love you!

  4. It's been a good while since I've checked your blog, and good heavens, I can't believe how much E has grown! A very happy birthday to her, and a very happy anniversary to you and your husband! Aside from the rather unfortunate day, I'm so happy to see you all looking healthy and happy - always a happy thing to see when you peek 'round on the blogging community <3