birthday wish #5

We are pretty much addicted to this show. It's hilarious. And, while we think it's a little bit on the "dirty" side, it is something I look forward to almost daily. It's so nice to cozy up on our big couch and watch an episode or two or three. The first 3 seasons are already part of our collection. Target had season 3 on sale, but sold out (go figure) so we got a rain check to get the sale price.

The show is all about this guy, Ted. He is telling his kids (in the year 2030) about how he met their mother..... we just don't know who their mother is. I cannot wait for the day to find out who she is, but then again, I can because then the show will probably end.

My husband was fabulous today and did all the laundry! He also made dinner. I SO dislike getting off at 7 and eating late. So, now I get to go fold the laundry and put it away, put away dishes and load the dishwasher.... and make the bed. Who am I kidding? I have tomorrow off so I will make the bed tonight and save the rest for in the morning. :)

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