happy birthday, anna!

happy birthday, anna!  thank you for being such a great friend!  

anna was one of my first friends in springfield.  we went to the same shows (she knew my husband before we knew each other and the other guys in his band) and had fun days at jordan valley park with huge route 44 sonic drinks.  we talk about our dreams.  we probably take too many pictures of ourselves in our "photoshoots" and eat lots of sushi.  i admire this girl for her passion for life, friends, and dance. (she's a ballerina)  we lived together for a year and shared all our clothes. she was in my wedding and i was happy to have her stand by me in such an important moment of my life.  i'm sure we'll share many more memories together. (cheesy, i know.)

love you anna banana.

i'm excited to see a bunch of my friends today... 
we're taking anna out for lunch & dessert.

it's going to be a good (and hot) day.  go outside & enjoy yours.

*photo by me in one of our silly photoshoots.

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