who am i today?


i have a confession. 
 i'm really good at putting some things off.
it's healthy for me to realize this, right?
oh, and i'm super indecisive.

good.  glad i got that out.

today i totally surprised myself.
i went and got my eyes checked.
my eyes are loooving me for contacts that aren't a month old.
i finally got around to finding a family doctor here in springfield.
my appointment is next wednesday and i already filled out all the paperwork.
i finally went and saw my friend tara and got an overdue haircut.
i love how my hair feels right after it's cut... 
and i get free cuts, so what was i waiting for?!

i'm excited for this new me (i think it's the fact i'm getting older).

now.... on to more cleaning (hello laundry!) and cooking dinner.
then, life group tonight... i think miss maggie probably misses me!

i have another confession:  i'm ready for it to snow!  but, then when it snows i'll probably want to be at the beach. ;)

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  1. Hi: Les, yes I do read your Blog, amd love it. I wish all my grand kids wrote one,it sure would be nice. One thing though, I ddon't like the smill print. My eyes really don't like it. Keep up the good work so I will know when and if you get in the baby way. ha ha ha Love you