baby ellie:

you're growing big and strong in my belly.  i had a doctor check-up today so we can go to the beach soon and hearing your little heartbeat makes me smile just like the first time i heard it.  i can't believe you will be here so soon.  keep growing strong (just don't get too big).


28 weeks and 4 days today.  i'm measuring at a little over 32 OB isn't too concerned since i am so petite and have a short torso.  he also mentioned i might have a little too much fluid causing me to measure big.  but, if i'm still measuring ahead at my next appointment in about 2.5 weeks then he'll do an ultrasound and this little girl might just be a July baby.  he cleared me to go to alabama soon and told me to get out of the car every 1.5 hours to walk around the car 15 times.  i don't want any blood clots... that's for sure!

i'm ready for a vacation.
michael is really ready for a vacation.  he's done with finals... praise Jesus!  we've been spending lots of time together and i LOVE it.


  1. "praise Jesus!" love it.

    By the way, we may be in springfield soon... we should really meet this time! :)

  2. Woo hoo! She will be here soon! Have fun on vacation!


  3. Oh, I remember having to get out every hour to walk around when we traveled while I was pregnant. It sure did make the trip long, but we stopped at some really interesting places! I hope you have a wonderful trip!