mill & birdiesbelly & yardme.mill & flowercouch potato

millie is one sweet pup (and pretty lazy). little birdies in our backyard. stretchy tank and  big bump. favorite little corner in my backyard. driving down country roads to my parents/wind blowing. getting ready for baby. flower from the yard. mill in the shade on a 90 degree record breaking day. doodling like a 10 year old. husband is almost done with school. my mother's day.

hmmm can you tell i love the nashville filter on instagram probably a bit too much? ;)

hope all you mommas and mommas-to-be had a very special mother's day.

you guys:  i'm officially in the third trimester...whoa.


  1. ahhh, 3rd trimester!! i remember the first time you mentioned being pregnant....just like yesterday....

    lovelovelove this post:)
    and that tank? adorableness! where did you get it?

  2. Cute birdie picture! We have a large bush/tree at our new house totally covering our dining room window. I wanted to chop it immediately to let some sunlight in, but sure enough we have a little nest in there. So Jake has strict instructions to leave it alone for now. =)

  3. Aww you're a cute pregnant lady!