My sweet baby girl is 5 months old and a couple of days.  This has been the fastest 5 months of my entire life.  No doubt about it.

Ellie loves to be on her tummy trying to scoot (but mostly ends up scooting in reverse), she can sit up all by herself, and rolls from back to tummy..tummy to back.. to get to what she wants.  She loves reaching for Mill's ears, tail...whatever is in reach.  She also reaches for food/drinks that who ever is holding her has.  She thinks her Aunt Chelle and cousin Kadi are the funniest and laughs the most for them.  Although her Daddy can really make her giggle too.  She loves her Jenny Jump Up and handmade pillow with tags from my friend, Meagan.  She's still a big fan of bath time and makes the cutest face when I blow her hair/face.  And gives me a look like "DO IT AGAIN MOM"...  Oh, and she rode a horse (more like sat on it with Pa Pa... but still).

Ellie does not love... her crib, getting her nose cleaned, putting on clothes, the end of bath time or me leaving her sight.


  1. Aw, happy 5 months, sweet baby face!!

  2. cute photo!! I know...Logan will be TWO in a few weeks and it's been the fastest 2 years of my life!

  3. Our girls have the same dislikes!
    Your Ellie is a doll- Happy 5 months!